Alpha Mortgage – 1992, Issue# 80

Alpha Mortgage's 1st Ad
in the Cape Fear Real Estate Directory

1992 | Issue# 80

Alpha Mortgage's first advertisement was in the 80th issue of The Cape Fear Real Estate Directory. They first ran an ad in 1992 and we are grateful to still have the pleasure of working with them today. Thank you, Alpha Mortgage for your support throughout the years!

Below is their current company photo. There is quite a few more people in the photo then there was 25 years ago. We congratulate them on their growth and success!

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we are going to post each week in the coming year the first ad that our recent advertisers ran with us. We think this will be a fun way to commemorate our 30th anniversary, thank our advertisers, look back at how the area has grown and, of course, see how prices have changed over the past 30 years. Click here to see all the ads we have posted so far.