Downtown Wilmington


The sights and sounds of downtown Wilmington characterize hundreds of years of commerce, great architecture, and exuberant social atmosphere. As a historic district dweller, I am an active participant in these sights and sounds. I’ve come to know well the soft horn of the Henrietta, rhythmic clip clops of the horse drawn carriages, and the enchanting sounds of nearby church bells.

Unlike most North Carolina cities, our downtown sits on a major river, providing a touch of beauty and wildlife to a small but aesthetically pleasing urban sprawl. Developers and business owners have done an impeccable job building world-class restaurants, shops, and nightclubs. It’s difficult to imagine an area the size of downtown Wilmington with as many spectacular dining and entertainment experiences.

After dining hours, Wilmington comes alive with some of the greatest bars and nightclubs in the Carolinas. Level 5 City Stage offers live theatrical performances, and a fabulous roof top pub overlooking the Cape Fear River and the Battleship North Carolina.

Whether you seek fine dining or pizza, rollicking guitar licks or smooth jazz, downtown Wilmington has something for everyone. Come on down and see what’s happening.